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set: JULY 13, 1975
Record remains: “BIG MOUTH BUFFALO  caught on STREN line, LEWIS Speedstick rod, GARCIA 309 spinning reel
38 pound big mouth buffalo caught on 8# test”



54.Just finished shooting the Spring/Summer Crappie video that will be available on CD  this winter. Produced by BassingBob.com

53. Winter, 2015-16   Upcoming in March 2016: "Fishing For Winter Draw Down Crappie", For In-Fisherman Magazine, written by John Neporadney, Jr.

52. Winter, 2015-16   Upcoming: "Seasonal Crappie Fishing", for BassingBob website.

51. October, 2015   Alhonna Fall 2015 Tournament Winners, Mike Malone and Terry ...Monday, October 26th, 2015. Alhonna Tournament Winners, Mike Malone and Terry Blankenship Talk About their catch the past two days. You must be a PRO   ...www.bassingbob.com/.../alhonna-fall-2015-tournament-winners-mike- malone-and-terry-blankenship-talk-about-their-catch/

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Oct 30, 2015 ... Finishes. 10 FLW Wins. 2010 Anglers in Action Champion. Terry Blankenship. From: Osage Beach, MO. 2014 Joe Bass Overall Points. Leader.    qqwww.bassingbob.com/media/articles/.../OKTourneyProgram(2).pdf

Oct 30, 2015 ... 2nd Place, Rob Bueltmann and Casey Scanlon, 5, 18.62 Pounds. 3rd Place, Terry Blankenship and Kobe Asbury, 5, 17.22 Pounds ...www.bassingbob.com/.../missouri-invitational-pro-am-buddy-tournament-at- old-kinderhook/
Bass World Sports 1st Place Winners 20.95 Pounds Mike Malone and Terry Blankenship. Sunday, September 13th, 2015. Mike and Terry talk about their pattern, ...
www.bassingbob.com/.../bass-world-sports-1st-place-winners-20-95-pounds- mike-malone-and-terry-blankenship/
Jun 30, 2015 ... Terry Blankenship Guide Service. www.terryblankenship.com. Wanna catch some Crappie from a Crappie Tournament Champ, Call Terry.
www.bassingbob.com/.../where-to-find-summer-2015-fishing-news- magazine/

46. Expert Crappie Fisherman from Lake of the Ozarks discuss how to catch crappie on Lake of the Ozarks in March 2015. See what Terry Blankenship, Jack Uxa ...
www.bassingbob.com/.../march-2015-crappie-report-become-a-crappie- member-and-see-expert-videoes-like-this-every-month/

Feb 7, 2015 ... Mike Malone - Terry Blankenship 5 10.37. Michael McCarthy Sr. - Michael McCarthy Jr. 5 10.35. Rob Crangle - Keither LaBarge 5 9.91     www.bassingbob.com/.../bassing-bob-robin-s-resort-winter-bass-challenge/
44. Dec 4, 2014 ... Mike Malone and Terry Blankenship are no strangers to bass fishing success. Over the past several years they have competed in and won ...
www.bassingbob.com/.../blankenship-and-malone-to-compete-in-b-a-s-s- team-championship/

43.   December, 2014    Coming Up:  Lake of the Ozarks Fishing News, "Early Winter Crappie Fishing"

42.Summer,2014  Host and Instructor for a Spring and Summer Crappie video

41. Summer, 2014 Joined Bassing Bob as Crappie and Bass advisor-offering monthly  fishing meetings, videos, and reports of seasonal fishing patterns

40.   Winter, 2013        FLW Tournament Marketing Ambassador/ Special Guest in Wal-Mart Stores

39.  November, 2014     Lake of the Ozarks Fishing News, "Tournaments: Blankenship and Malone Compete in B.A.S.S. Team Championship", by                                        Dave Bueltmann

38. November,2014     Bassin Bob's Expert's Video Session, guest speaker

37. October, 2014  Joe Bass Invitational Day 2 0f 2 - Lake Of The Ozarks Bassing Fishing

36. Oct 19, 2014 ... 1st Place, Mike Malone/Terry Blankenship, 10/10, 32.95. 2nd Place, Kavan Maybe/Josh Wray, 9/9, 29.89. 3rd Place, Timmy Newberry/Rusty ...

36.  October, 2014       Lake of the Ozarks Fishing News, "Tracking Fall Crappie Migration Route", by John Neporadny, Jr.

37.  September, 2014  Lake of the Ozarks Fishing News, "September Awakens Lake of the Ozarks Crappie", by John Neporadny, Jr.

36. July, 2014  Joe Bass Team Trail - Lake Of The Ozarks Bassing FishingJul 12, 2014 ... 4th Terry Weaver/Doug Drysdale 5 18.24 5th Terry Blankenship/Mike Malone 5 17.79 6th Casey Scanlon/Cory Steckler 5 17.02 7th Marcus ... www.bassingbob.com/tournaments/reports/.../joe-bass-team-trail/

35. May, 2014              Lake of the Ozarks Fishing News, "Grand Glaize Offers Consisitent Crappie Action", by John Neporadny, Jr.

34.  April, 2014            Outdoor Life Magazine, "Match The Hatch", John Neporadny, Jr.

33.  Spring, 2014         CrappieNow.com Online Magazine article, "Grand Lake Dock Shooting" by Darl Black, Freelance Sports Writer

32. Spring, 2014          FLW Tournament Marketing Ambassador/ Special Guest in Wal-Mart Stores

Feb 12, 2014 ... I would suggest that you send Terry Blankenship and email through his website, he is an expert guide on the lake and probably the best all ...www.bassingbob.com/forum/topic/360-imaging/

30.  February, 2014       BASS PRO SHOPS Spring Classic Weekend Seminar, "Dock Shooting and Four Seasons of Crappie Fishing"
Columbia, MO

29. Winter, 2013 SPORTS ACADEMY Grand Opening, Special Guest and Speaker, Springfield, MO

28. Winter, 2013        FLW Tournament Marketing Ambassador/ Special Guest in Wal-Mart Stores

27. Fall, 2013             Humminbird/Minnkota Dealers Convention, 3 day seminar, Guest Trainer

26. Spring, 2013        FLW Tournament Marketing Ambassador/ Special Guest in Wal-Mart Stores

25.  February 2013         Missouri Game  & Fish Magazine, "Our Hotspots For Early Slabs", by John Neporadny, Jr.

 24.  December 2012        Cabela's Outfitter Journal Magazine, "Lake of the Ozarks Holiday Fishing" by John Neporadny, Jr.

23. Summer 2012        - In-"Fisherman 2012 Guide: PANFISH" ,  "Dock-shooting for Slabs" by John Neporadny, Jr.

22. Summer 2011         "Clear Water Secrets: sight-Fishing the Shallows - Crappie World   by John Neparadny, Jr.

21.  Summer 2011         "Guides and Tournament Anglers' 14 Best Crappie - Catching Tips"-
Crappie World  by Darl Black
20. March  2011           "Spring Into Ozarks Crappie Action"- featuring Terry Blankenship magazine article in Ozarks Roots

19.  January 2011       "Jig Shooting Techniques" - Seminar presented at Grizzly Jig Company, Caruthersville, MO for                                 Bobby   Garland/Gene Larew Lure Company

18. Fall 2009            “Fall Crappie Fishing on Lake of the OzarksUpcoming-- Featuring Terry Blankenship in filming of half hour                           weekly segment

 17. Spring 2009          Jerry Adams Outdoors, PBS Television  KMOS TV

                                    Host: Jerry Adams, Emmy Nominee

Fishing Assistance by Terry Blankenship as requested by Jerry Adams for this half hour weekly segment, “Timmy, Birthday Child With Autism”


16. Spring 2009         The Kansas City Star, Tuesday Paper

Written article based on TV show (above) of “Timmy, Birthday Child with Autism” with Host Jerry Adams

Brent Frazee, Reporter


15. Spring 2009        The Kansas City Star, The OUTDOORS section,           Sunday Paper

Brent Frazee, “Getting the Drop On Crappies” , “Angler Builds His Own Brushy Spots for Crappies”


14.  Fall 2007           In-Fisherman Magazine, page 52

Ned Kehde with  Terry Blankenship, “Figuring Fall Crappies, Versatility Rules the Season


13.  Spring 2004     Crappie World quarterly magazine

                                  John Neparadny, Jr., writer/photographer

                                 Page 24, “Bluff Fishing”, featured article


12.   Spring 2002      Superbass Tournament Trail magazine

                                        Page 10, interview following win of tournament


11. Spring 2001       CHARGER BOATS glossy magazine

                                   24 page issue, pictured on cover page and page 19


10.  Fall 2001          Show Me Outdoors magazine

                                   John Neporadny, Jr., writer/photographer

    Page 32, “Falling for Show Me Crappie” featured article; pictured page 5; pictured page 34


9. Fall 1998           Crappie World magazine,

           Front Cover, pictured, featured article

                         John Neporadny, Jr., writer/photographer


8. Jan1996          Camden County Reporter, newspaper

                    page 9, “Outdoors in the Ozarks”  Steve Gum, writer


7. December 1996    FISHIN’ MAGAZINE

                                   John Neporadny, Jr., writer/photographer

                                    Pages 38-41, featured article


6.  April 23, 1995      St. Louis Post-Dispatch,  Tim Renken, writer/photographer

                                      Page 15F, “Crappie Fishing Amazing”

5.  July 10, 1995             Lake Area Focus 
                                        Oris Jones, writer/photographer     ages 1-4, “Bass and Crappie Fishing Primer”


4.  Feb. 27, 1994    St. Louis Post-Dispatch   Tim Renken, writer/photographer Page 13G, “Late Winter Crappie

3.  April 11, 1994                 Lake Area Focus  Oris Jones, writer   Page 15, “Jadico Sponsors Champion Fisherman”

2.  Oct. 25, 1993          Lake Area Focus Hark Woodson, writer   Page 10, “Champion Fisherman…”2.  March 2, 1992                 Lake Area Focus, newspaper    Oris Jones, writer/photographer    Pages 14-                                                                                                 15,  featured article

1.  April 
13, 1990                 Lake Sun Leader    Page 10, pictured,  *numerous other articles not listed are in circulation




10/2015    Alhonna Annual 2day Bass Tourney    1st Place for 3rd year, consecutively
10/2015    Angler's Choice Tourney    3rd Place

10/2015    Bass World Sports    2nd Place & Big Fish

10/2015    Nautifish Tourney        2nd Place & Big Fish

9/2015    Bass World Tourney    Osage Beach, MO    1st Place & Big Fish

4/2015           Meeks Annual Crappie Tournney, Osage Beach,Mo    1st place& Big Fish

12/2014     Qualified for the B.A.S.S. Team Championship, DeGray, AR   by winning the Joe Bass Championship Tourney

10/25-26/2014     Alhonna Invitational Tournament          1st Place & Big Fish

10/18-19/2014     Joe Bass Invitational                                 1st Place

2014               Joe Bass Points Champion for Lake of the Ozarks qualified us for the Joe Bass Invitational Tourney

10/12/2014     Bass World Sports
1st Place & Big Fish

2/23/2014       BassWorld Tourney
                                    1st Place

10/27/2013         Alhonna Tourney-                                                             1st Place

10/20/2013         West Chamber Buddy Bass State Championship-      2nd Place

9/29/2013         Joe Bass Tourney-                                                                 1st Place

9/11/2013         Wednesday Night Bass Local Tourney-                          2nd Place

8/13/2013         Wednesday Night Bass  Local Tourney-                        1st Place

8/6/2013           Wednesday Night Bass Local Tournaments-                1st Place

11/2012           Angler-In-Action Tourney                                                  1st place

10/12               Elks Club Tourney                                                                 1st place

10/12               USA Bassin Tourney                                                               1st place

9/12                 U SA Bassin Tourney                                                              1st place

10/11             USA Bassin Bass Tournament-                                      1st place 

6/11                 Bass World Night Tournament-                                          1st Place
3/11-5/11          Eleven Local Crappie Tournaments - Earned 11 checks: 4 of the              1st place finishes

8/10                 Wednesday Night Bass Local Tournaments-     Earned 7 checks for  7 weeks in a row
3/10                  Central Pro Am Tournament-                                              6th Place

3/10                  Central Pro Am Team Tournament-                                   5th Place

2/10                   Bass World Tournament-                                                 
    1st  Place

10/09              Alhonna Bass Tournament-                                           6th place

 10/09             West Chamber Bass Tournament-                                2nd place

(Tournament anglers included Denny and Chad Brauer, Guido and Dion Hibdon - Terry placed 1st, 2nd, and 5th in the last four years)

10/09            Charger Owner's Tournament-   1st place

4/09               Crappie Masters-Missouri State Championship-        QUALIFIED for “Classic” Tournament

11/08             Guido Hibdon Challenge Crappie Tournament                      2nd place & BigBass

11/08            Charger Owner’s Tournament-175 boats                                  2nd place

07/08             Wednesday Night Tournament Series                                        2nd place

06/08        Wednesday Night Tournament Series                  1st place

11/07         Guido Hibdon Challenge Crappie Tournament                  1st place

 11/07      SuperBass Tournament                                       3rd place

10/07             Charger Owner’s Tournament-259 boats                              1st  place

09/07             LOO Wednesday Night BASS tournament Series         (prestigious local tournaments)     1st  place

07/07               LOO Wednesday Night Tournament Series(12)                1st place

06/07               LOO Wednesday Night Tournament Series (12)              1st place                                       

04/07               Marty’s Annual Crappie Tournament-LOO                        1st place

04/07                Crappie Masters Tournament     QUALIFIED  Crappie Masters “CLASSIC” Tournament

03/07                Lebanon  MO Crappie Tournament       76 boats                4th place

10/06                Charger Owner’s Tournament –300 boats                          3rd place

09/06                Wal-Mart BFL Tournament-Pro track 150 boats                 5th place

09/06               LOO Wednesday Night Final FISH-OFF                             1st place

09/06                BASS World Tournament   100 boats                                     4th place

08/06                LOO Wednesday Night Tourn Series (12)                             1st place

08/06                BASS World Tournament   100 boats                                     3rd place

08/06                BASS World Tournament   100 boats                                     4th place

07/06                LOO Wednesday Night Tourn Series(12)                              1st place

06/06                LOO Wednesday Night Tourn        Series(12)                       1st place

06/06                McGuire Cancer Benefit Tourn.-100boats                             3rdplace

03/06                Media BASS Tournament                                                       1st place

03/06                BASS World Tournament    100 boats                                 3rd place

11/05                BASS World Tournament    100 boats                                 3rd place

10/05                Laurie Chamber of Commerce -100+ boats                         1st place

10/05                Charger Tournament 300+ boats                                           10th place

03/04                  Show-Me Crappie Pro-Am                                                   1st place & Big Fish           

10/03                Charger Owners Tournament-375 boats                              7th place               

07/03               Super Bass Tournament-L.O.                                                    1st place

6/03                  North American Crappie Tourn.-L.O.                                                     2nd place

4/03                  Rail Crappie Tournament-L.O.                                                                 2nd place & Big Fish

    9/02              Wal-Mart Crappie Tournament-LOO                                                    1st place & Big Fish

4/02                  Rail Crappie Tournament-LOO                                                                1st place & Big Fish

3/02                  Super Bass Tournament-LOO                                                                   4th place

2/02                  Super Bass Tournament-LOO                                                                   2nd place

                        Columbia Bass Club Tournament                                                              2nd place 

8/01                  Trinity Tournament-LOO                                                                           1st place 

4/01                  Crappie USA Tournament-LOO                                                               3rd place 

11/00                Bass World Tournament-    












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